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Dead media, living voices. Secrets never told and tales well telt. Currys for Grundigs, Dixons for Sanyo. Smiths for C60s. Greasy grapples and broken glasses. Flies in ointment, beetles under carpets, custard powder on your tape, TVs that go pop. Danger in water at any depth, no heavy petting, Run to the Hills. I don’t know if you’re me or I’m you when we talk like this. I just want you to listen. My friends.

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“Here are dark telegrams from an expertly realised otherness that is Sunderland. Spare. Swift. Smart. And dangerous. Carrying us through maps of shame to rescue a convincing fiction of the past from its sullen entropy.”

Iain Sinclair

“Less a novel and more an assault on the senses, I’m Jack cleverly uses inter-textual trickery and deft Mackem parlance to create a portrait of a man obsessed. It is a forensic montage, a frenzied confessional and a stark commentary on the effects of public notoriety. I’m Jack is a story as pathetic as it moving, as haunted as it is necessary. It takes the true crime novel into an exciting new direction.”

Benjamin Myers, author of Pig Iron and Beastings

I’m Jack is an absorbing and fascinating read. Using multi-layered storytelling, a deep personal knowledge of Sunderland past, present and legend in a believable and hard-hitting blend of fact and imagination, it paints a genuinely disturbing vision of an obsessive, calculating and ultimately self-destructive personality.”

Bryan Talbot, author of Alice in Sunderland and The Adventures of Luther Arkwright

I’m Jack is compelling, troubling, fascinating, a delight to read.  It is a sublime anti-novel and a brilliantly original intervention into a most peculiar episode of recent history.”

James Miller, author of Lost Boys and Sunshine State

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