My name’s Mark Blacklock. I’m a writer, editor and researcher. My debut novel, I’M JACK, will be published by Granta in early 2015. The publisher’s announcement is here. For all fiction inquiries please contact my agent, Anna Webber at United.

I’m teaching this year on the MA in Victorian Studies at Birkbeck College and am meta-geek researcher on a collaborative project with the Arthur C Clarke Award for Science Fiction.

I maintain a blog about my research into cultural responses to the ideas of n-dimensional geometry  here. I was awarded my Phd in 2013 and the book based on my doctoral research is currently under proposal to a University Press.

I’ve been a freelance writer, editor and reseacher for over a decade – there’s an old one here that gives a flavour – and have darkened the halls of many publications and institutions in that time but I started out at Bizarre magazine, for whom I was once a human cannonball.

This is a home for essays, articles, interviews and cultural stuff I do that doesn’t fit into the Phd receptacle: some of it will be archival work I’m proud of, some of it will be fresh. The remit is as broad as possible to reflect enthusiasms and obsessions.

If you want to get in touch directly, please email: mjblacklock [@] gmail.com. The title is nicked from a chapter from JG Ballard’s The Atrocity Exhibition, which is a touchstone, and about which posts will doubtlessly appear at some point.


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